Consultation Services

Common Reasons for being referred to our clinic include (but are not limited to):

Our Clinic

Our clinic offers assessments and treatment options for a wide variety of respiratory and sleep disorders. All of our physicians are qualified in both respiratory and sleep medicine, and although they have subspecialty interests, their experience in general respiratory and sleep medicine is broad. The doctors work closely with respiratory and sleep scientists to deliver extensive "in-house" testing, to minimise the need for travel for other testing. If further investigations are required such as blood tests, Xrays, ultrasound and CT scans, we have many facilities within walking distance which can perform these investigations.

Pulmonary Function Testing

We are fortunate to have a pulmonary function set-up in our office, which allows us to perform the following investigations:

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sleep Services

Our clinic is equipped to diagnose and treat various sleep disorders, and all services are available within the practice. Our dedicated sleep scientists work closely with our sleep physicians to deliver the best sleep services, including:

Please note, not all patients are suitable for a home-based sleep study, and some sleep tests or treatments require "in-lab" set-ups and titration. If this is the case, you may require a sleep test to be performed in a sleep laboratory. Our doctors have links with public hospitals and private centres to arrange these tests as needed. We limit ourselves to the diagnosis of sleep disorders, and for this reason we do not sell sleep equipment ourselves, as we feel this would be a conflict of interest, but we are happy to provide you with a list of providers in the area who will meet all your sleep equipment needs.

Interventional Services

These services focus on procedures such as biopsies or camera tests into the lung (bronchoscopy). Our doctors have ties to various public and private hospitals in the area, which allows them to perform these tests both in the public and private sectors. If you would benefit from these procedures, your doctor will discuss the exact nature of the test required, and confirm a time, date and location with you.